3 Factors of Mahesh 23 Makes a Hit?

Apparently, three factors are associated with Prince Mahesh's upcoming film which on a whole makes '23' as the lucky number for Mahesh. Six years ago, Mahesh's 'Dookudu' was released on 23rd of September, 2011 and stood as the biggest blockbuster of the year. 

Mahesh's forthcoming film happens to be the 23rd project of the star as a hero. And lastly, the movie's release date was locked to June 23. The common factor of all these happenings is said to be number '23'. Obviously, fans felt it as a huge sentiment and are hoping another blockbuster for Mahesh like 'Dookudu'. 

Meanwhile, the makers have  decided to release the first look of the film on 10th of this month. The title of the movie will also be revealed on the same day. Inside reports say the title will start with the number 'S', but it's not going to be much publicized 'Sambhavami'.

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