Bahubali Killed Katama Rayudu!?

When a Pawan Kalyan’s film is hitting the marquee, entire atmosphere in two Telugu states will be euphoric and the pulse goes out of control counting the numbers down. To come up with a fact, ‘Katama Rayudu’ fever gripped audience and Fans till yesterday but from last 24 and next 48 hours, consider as if ‘Katama Rayudu’ is killed. And the reason is well known to all of us, the mother of Telugu cinema ‘Bahubali’ is ruling the buzz everywhere.

Not just the local TV media, every media form on digital and social networking canvass is just going gaga over ‘Bahubali 2’ trailer released a while back. All praises for Rajamouli and his team. There’s no space for ‘Katama Rayudu’ till the thrill in ‘Bahubali 2’ trailer fades off gradually.  

Nevertheless, Sharat Marar and Power Star have cleverly planned ‘Katama Rayudu’ pre release function for 18th because whatever the magnanimity of promotions done for ‘Katama Rayudu’ release before ‘Bahubali 2’ trailer launch would have gone out of visibility. At least for next two days, only two inferences… try for an answer on Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali or we already have an answer… Bahubali Killed Katama Rayudu.

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