Bahubali - Neither New Nor Original!

What makes ace director SS Rajamouli alag from other star directors in Indian cinema industry is his straight forwardness and frankness. When a director is in continuous success streak for years together, obviously critics and media’s attention will be more and more analyzing on each and every aspect connected to his project.  That’s what is happening with Jakkanna’s ‘Bahubali’ stream because scenes from Part 1 and promotional posters from Part 2 underwent a microscopic post mortem.

‘Every creator will have his inspiration from somewhere and some part of the world. None of our stories are new and original. For example, epics like Ramayana and Maha Bharatha have been injected into our nerves and blood. As a creator, whatever we assume and create will automatically have its references in those two. 

A director’s duty is only to shape or treat their respective scripts with better narrative elements and best on screen presentation. Despite we remake Ramayana and Maha Bharatha any number of times, our exhilaration never dies down though we know what the final climax is,’ Rajamouli said about external influences affecting the internal quality of a story or script.

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