Bahubali Satires On Mega Power Super Stars!

Mega family’s domination in Tollywood is coming through a long period. Post Chiranjeevi established new records in industry the cue is taken immediately by Pawan Kalyan continuing the dominancy. Last few years, Telugu film industry opened the doors widely for new talents and every celebrity family (Mega, Nandamuri, Akkineni, Daggubati and Manchu) is reeling under pressure with competition from them.

Ram Gopal Varma never hides these feelings inside. He does it repeatedly throwing humorous satires at Mega family and when got a situation like ‘Bahubali 2’ trailer ruling the roost in digital market winning the accolades from every part of the world, RGV plunged on advantage. 

Ee figureni choosi Tollywood lo yenthamandhi aatma hatya chesukuntaro ani bhayamgaa vundhi (50 Million Trailer views for Bahubali 2 Trailer poster) 

BB2 tharvatha tollywoodlo powerfulest mega superstarlandariki kooda Prabhas kaali gotinandukovataaniki rendunnara janmalu paduthundhi (Isn’t this direct attack on Power Star, Mega Star and Super Star)

Tollywood powerful starlu national ga try chesi ghoramga fail ayyi regional ayipoyaru. Prabhas rendu debbalatho international star ayipoyadu (Isn’t this finger pointing on Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Ramcharan’s failure in Bollywood)

Whatsoever, RGV left the rest of interpretation to each of our individual’s perspective. But, the matter within dotted lines is sharply aimed at only one family.

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