BB 2: Prabhas Grammar Mistakes?

The VFX team took utmost care in incorporating the crucial scenes at glimpses to showcase 'Baahubali 2' as a visual extravaganza. However, it appeared the makers should have been more precocious in penning the dialogues of the protagonist, the Young Rebel Star Prabhas

'Baahubali 2's trailer hit you tube today and received reverberating response. Prabhas' vocalized an interesting dialogue which had a grammar mistake. Prabhas says, "Nuvvu naa pakkanunnantha varakoo..nunnu champe magadintha varakoo...puttaledhu maamaa!"

'Nuvvu naa pakkanunnantha varakoo' and 'Puttaledhu maamaa' happen to be two contrasting tense forms which give no sense. Instead, "Nuvvu naa pakkanunnantha varakoo, nannu champe vaadu inka puttadu' or "Nuvvu naa pakkanunnantha varakoo, nannu champe vaadu elaa pudathadu?" should have been the right construction of sentences. Anyhow, the makers should ensure no such grammatical errors in sentences are included in the film.

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