BB 2: Ranas Expression Competes VFX

'Baahubali 2's trailer can instantly garner everybody's attention through its extraordinary visuals. The VFX team deserves any sort of appreciation for their immense effort in making the trailer an outstanding cut. 

However, there is one factor which appears to have challenged the visual content of film. And it's none other than blood curdling screen presence of antagonist Rana. Especially, his expressions in two shots makes us getting nerve wracking experience. 

Rana looks fierceful in action sequences. In one of the shots, his spine-tingling run towards Protagonist appeared as if a lion running to catch its prey. And last scene was mind boggling. Here, Rana appeared as if he were burning with extreme anger and vengeance. Having coupled all these factors, Rana surely challenges the VFX team with his hair raising performance.

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