BJP Has Edge: But Scene May Reverse!

Exit poll surveys of various media agencies clearly hinted that the BJP may reign with victory in the five state election battle. Survey results indicated that the BJP would come into the power in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa while the Congress or AAP may gain the power in Punjab. However, entire scene may get reversed going by the following analysis.

* In UP the BJP may emerge as a single largest party winning the MLA seats ranging between 160 and 200. However, the CM Akhilesh Yadav sent the feelers SP and Congress' combo would ally with the BSP to form the government. This is a huge shocker to BJP.

* Chances are luminous for Congress or AAP winning the election battle in Punjab. The BJP may get pulverized by both the parties here.

* Exit Polls say it either the victory of BJP or hung in Goa. Since the margin between both the BJP and the Congress is quite low, Congress has good chances assuming  power. 

* Though the Exit Polls revealed BJP had edge in Uttarakhand and Manipur, the Congress party would win seats considerably. Various media houses failed to predict who would win the election battle in Bihar in 2015. If at all media gets failed again, the BJP would face troubled waters. Let's wait for a day more to know the fate of political parties who contested in the polls.

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