BJP Sweeps UP, Congress in Punjab

Beyond everyone's expectations the Bjp is all set to emerge as the single largest party in UP getting the clear majority. The counting of five state general polls was started at 8 am today. 

According to the trends, the Bjp is leading in 211 constituencies while SP and Congress together got the lead in 62 constituencies. BSP is ahead in 36 constituencies. In Uttarakhand too Bjp is on the verge of getting clear lead. The party is leading in 46 constituencies while the Congress is ahead with 14 constituencies. 

However, the Bjp appeared to be facing humiliating defeat in Punjab. The Congress party is in lead with 43 constituencies which is followed by AAP with 22 constituencies. Akali Dal and Bjp' allied forces have been in lead with 17 constituencies.

Tug of war situation is seen in Manipur and Goa polls. Currently, the Congress party is in lead with 6 constituencies in Manipur while the Bjp has got a lead in 5 constituencies. Congress got the lead in Goa in 2 constituencies which is followed by Bjp with one seat lead.

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