Channel CEO Bridge btw. Pawan and TDP?

TV 9 channel's CEO Ravi Prakash sparked everyone's attention at the pre release event of 'Katamarayudu'. Ravi Prakash's speech cheered the fans. Fans opined that it was the best of all speeches in the function. Bandla Ganesh honetly said he hadn't liked the channel's CEO before, but after hearing his speech be became a fan of his.

Nevertheless political analysts viewed the speech of Ravi Prakash differently. "Ravi Prakash lauded Pawan Kalyan for questioning the BJP government on issues like AP's special status, demonetization etc. But then, he didn't point out Pawan Kalyan for keeping mum on TDP's failure in keeping its word on election promises. 

Moreover, Pawan Kalyan and Ravi Prakash's meet appeared something like the channel's CEO formed a bridge between Pawan Kalyan and TDP. Most importantly, the channel is often criticized by opposition political parties like YCP for its biased stand on the TDP. In this scenario, Pawan and channel's CEO's meet may lead to political reunion of the TDP and Janasena in 2019's elections," analysts felt.

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