Failed As Writer, Now A Director!

Many of the successful writers are turning as directors, of late. The ultimate destination for all of these writers is to succeed into next step and become popular as directors. One more new name adding into these directors list is Veligonda Srinivas. He is far more known to industry as a writer behind recent disasters like ‘Damarukam, Akhil’ and ‘Winner.’

Given the total sum of these three projects, nothing less than 100 Crores was at foolish risk and accurate losses made by them cumulatively is still to be known. While penning stories for other directors is making good money for this senior creative writer, helming a director’s hat for Raj Tharun’s next ‘Andhagadu’ is for now the buzz subject in film circles.

Veligonda Srinivas isn’t satisfied with the way his stories are presented on screen by directors. He thinks that scripts like ‘Akhil, Damarukam’ or even ‘Winner’ can be executed far better that we have seen. In order to please his inner self, took up direction with ‘Andhagadu.’ He is very confident on tasting the success with this debut flick,’ a said a source connected with ‘Andhagadu.’

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