How Bahubali Affected Katama Rayudu?

Has ‘Katama Rayudu’ trailer really caught the attention of Telugu audience to a needful extent? Though the movie is making decent pre release buzz just relying on brand Pawan Kalyan, looks like director Dolly and producer Sharat Maraar could not do anything extra great to lift the Pawan mania from certain level. Thanks to a complete regular trailer lacking in novelty at presentation.

At the same time, analysts are putting the whole thesis in ‘Bahubali 2’ perspective. Yes, after watching ‘Bahubali 2’ trailer, none of the trailers can match to its visual glare. Production quality, top notch camerawork, stupendous CG work, reverberating music and dazzling look of all the artists, when ‘Bahubali 2’ trailer hangover is fresh in audience memories, it would be straight forward stupidity to impress common audience with ‘Katama Rayudu’ trailer. Most importantly, 'Bahubali 2' trailer was released in 4K quality while 'Katama' was of simple HD resolution.

Of course it is a sin to compare ‘Bahubali 2’ trailer with ‘Katama Rayudu’ yet Fans alone shouldered the responsibility of pushing the Youtube views close to 3 Million for now. When the release date is so near, it’s not the mistake of Sharat Maraar too. All in all, it’s the identical timing of trailer release between these two important films and ‘Bahubali’ affected ‘Katama Rayudu’ subjugating the expectations. Hopefully, Box Office records will speak more than what our assumptions are. 

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