Jana Sena, In Front Crocodile Festival!

Pawan Kalyan’s political outfit Jana Sena is all set to celebrate its third birthday commemorating the foundation day on March 14th.  While this is an occasion for animated Fans to celebrate but reality is, tough days are ahead for Pawan because party ideologies and long term plans are yet to register with common audience. Except waking up from the sleep now and then reacting on a set of social issues and contemporary problems, Pawan Kalyan never came up with permanent and long term political solution.

More than once, Pawan Kalyan said that his motto is not to gain power by contesting, winning elections. But in democracy, the popular people’s voice is heard only in poll verdict. If Pawan has to succeed as a leader, the best choice is to get elected. Instead, half baked stance on TDP in state and BJP at centre won’t serve the purpose. In parallel, the criticism against Jana Sena dancing to the tunes of Chief Minister Naidu is increasing with each year. 

Cut to the actual fact, Pawan Kalyan is driving two horses (Cinema and Politics) at a time without doing complete justice to either of them. Off late, ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’ is declared one of the worst disasters in Power Star’s career, reasons being insincerity at profession and falsity at character.     

Having learnt lessons from Mega failure of Chiranjeevi and Praja Rajyam Party, there’s no better time for Pawan Kalyan to take a clean and complete jump into political field. Arranging press meets, expressing hare brained reactions can never make him a seasoned politician. A section of Fans can be electrified instantly but what about common man’s perception.

For now, Jana Sena activities are nowhere in Pawan’s mind because wrapping ‘Katama Rayudu’ on time is the primary goal. By March 14th, he might land in Hyderabad completing a successful professional and family foreign trip. 

Bottom line is crystal clear… years pass on and in 2018 again these same age old Power Star Fans observe fourth birthday for Jana Sena without a proper strategy or future idea on where their leader is steering the party to. 

If Pawan follows the same early delays and last minute hurries cinema strategy at politics, result of Jana Sena will be nothing less than Sardar Gabbar Singh.

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