Kamal Hasan To Study Jana Sena Model?

Instead of remaining or restricting him-self to simple vocal support in the form of posting tweets on various social and political issues, Kamal Hasan’s sudden call for a closed door meeting with Fans, supporters and legal experts yesterday at his residence in Chennai led to various speculations on Universal Star setting the platform to announce a grand political entry.

As a matter of basic fact, Tamil Nadu politics aren’t the same without Jayalalitha, who passed away recently and Karunanidhi suffering with ageing illness. There have been new demands raised by Ajith and Rajinikanth Fans requesting their heroes to take a political plunge. However, none of them reacted positively.

To our prior knowledge, Kamal also said the same thing because he was never interested in politics. But, the vacuum created by sudden Amma’s death has to be filled. Transforming the cinema following into political following isn’t new in South states. Going on this belief, after Rajinikanth is it alone Kamal Hasan who has got the stature and charisma to influence the people.

Though Kamal’s hasn’t made any official announcement after yesterday meeting, his intension to serve Tamil people in every best possible way is highlighted. So, it is too early to comment but a dedicated Fan base Kamal enjoys can favor him in Tamil politics. 

Question is, will he be joining an existing National party like BJP, Congress or begin a new party on his own supporting either of them from outside, something like Pawan Kalyan did with Jana Sena. 

Depending upon public reaction, progression of political ideologies and future political happenings in state, Kamal Hasan may expand the party base and openly express a stance on individual political topics because TN elections are no way near. Instead of jumping directly into political field like a seasoned political leader, Kamal is most likely to maintain a restraint reserving himself more as a part time politician, continuing as a full time actor, producer and director.

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