Katamarayudu Title Song: Heroism at Peaks

Ever since the announcement about the release of first single of 'Katamarayudu' was made, excitement of fans knew no bounds to listen to the song. The first single 'Mira Mira Meesam' was released at 4 pm today and was an instant chartbuster. 

Rama Jogaiah Shastry penned the powerful lyrics which elevated the heroism to the core. Now that Power Star Pawan Kalyan really emerged as a leader of a political party, every word and sentence suited to his real stature.

"Naayakudai nadipinchevaadoo....Sevakudai nadumonchevaadoo..andarikosam adugesaadoo..Raayudoo...Raayudooo," lyrics focused the attitude of Pawan Kalyan. Further, his prime objective of playing a key role in politics was also well established. 

"Nelabaaru nadichey nindaina aakasam,' depicted the simplicity of Pawan Kalyan. "Sooreedalle vachadoo mana andari Katamarayudu...panche kattina manchithanam niluveththu Katamarayudu," lines may surely chill every fan of Pawan Kalyan.

Anup Rubens has composed an outstanding tune in his career while Anurag Kulkarni lent his voice for this heroic song.

Click here for Katamarayudu First Single

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