Mahesh Babus Distinct Partnership Deal

Mahesh Babu is both hero and one of the production partners in ongoing action flick helmed by AR Murugadoss. Cost of this project is said to be somewhere near Rs. 100 to 120 Crores, which is too high but given its making, release planned simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil states makes it again commercially viable.

Tagore Madhu, Nallamlapu Bujji, NV Prasad, AR Murugadoss, Mahesh Babu and RB Chowdary are members in core production team sharing the investment. Apart from providing story, screenplay and direction, Murugadoss is also learnt to have invested some money in it just like Mahesh Babu is responsible both as hero and partner.

While clauses and conditions in this huge deal apply same for all the producers, it’s said to be slightly different only for Mahesh. Yes, Mahesh’s profit account will be settled before film’s release by dividing his proportionate share (including remuneration) from pre release business money deposited by buyers irrespective of final profit-loss statement. 

As a hero, Mahesh wants to safeguard every paisa infused into production from his side. As Mahesh is a busy hero and moves immediately onto his next with Koratala Siva, rather than waiting for last hour till full run of his 23rd is completed, he signed a transparent deal with remaining partners. That’s a style of business.

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