Mahesh Losing Jio Opportunity!

The three lettered word 'Jio' has brought revolutionary change in telecommunications. Very few people would use mobile data plans of various networks which just offered 1 or 2 GB of 4G data for hundreds of rupees with the time limit of four weeks. 

Now that 'Jio' offered a golden opportunity for every Indian in the form of unlimited mobile data, the percentage of the people who browsed internet increased by leaps and bounds. within no time, Indian film industry and related online media struck a gold with the entry of 'Jio'. 

Finally, the dream offer of 'Jio' gets ended on 31st of this month and various plans have been announced by the management which would get implemented from April 1. The teasers and trailers of Telugu films got record views in a short period of time which marked Jio to have got its presence felt in the telecom war. However, Jio's data plan users may get decreased considerably from April 1. Since Rs. 303 is needed for an unlimited 4G data, most of the current Jio users may not prefer spending that much amount. This factor, obviously, affect the views of teasers and trailers of Telugu films to be released in the month of April. As such, it remains to be seen how well Prince Mahesh's film teaser would be received by the fans.

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