Meet Sai Dharam, ACP Alexander!

Sai Dharam Tej is rather upset for two reasons. One is the last couple of failures in ‘Thikka, Winner’ while the second is his most excited, crucial cameo in Krishna Vamsy directed ‘Nakshatram’ is facing many financial hurdles in release. Till date, Sai Dharam hasn’t revealed much about his characterization in KV flick but here he informs a fresh update in personal.

‘Thank you Director Krishna Vamsy sir for giving me the opportunity to play a small yet crucial role as Alexander in Nakshatram. Hope you guys like it,’ SDT shared above pic.

To all our information, ‘Nakshatram’ populated with magnanimous casting of Sundeep Kishan, Regina, Pragnya Jaiswal, Prakash Raj and others is still pending on its production and post production part. So, a nearby release is a distant dream. Till then, hope Sai Dharam at least keeps audience awake about existence of a movie called ‘Nakshatram’ and one such is ACP Alexander picture.

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