Multiple Hands On Anjali!

CineJosh : Multiple Hands On Anjali!

2017-03-09 03:50:00 +0000

Telugu girl Anjali’s latest movie ‘Chitrangada’ is gracing into theaters tomorrow under G Ashok direction. The project has been lying in cans from months and may be more than a year suffering with financial issues. Producer Gangapatnam Sridhar spent bomb of amount on production completing major schedule in foreign locations which not only escalated the overall budget but also pushed film’s fate in difficulties.

Later on controversies around Anjali’s personal life and financiers taking complete control of ‘Chitrangada’ delayed the release. Consequentially, Abhishek Pictures entered into the scene designing a release strategy. Nothing went on expected lines here too because Nama Abhishek was going through weak financial muscle and ‘Keshava’ already in pipeline affected ‘Chitrangada.’

Finally, the suspense thriller is attacking theaters through Malkapuram Shiva Kumar network on own risk by producer Gangapatnam Sridhar and his co-financier Rahman. After passing through multiple hands in last one year, has ‘Chitrangada’ really got enough meat to hook at BO?

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