Newspaper Cuts Pawan Statement on Annayya?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's speech at "Katamarayudu' thrilled the fans of the star. Especially, Pawan Kalyan's words on his annayya Megastar Chiranjeevi touched the hearts of mega fans. 

Having gone through today's newspapers, it was noticed that a wide coverage on Pawan Kayan's speech was published with the heading 'Naa dhrushtilo annayye hero'. However, there is one newspaper, which is ridiculed as CBN Chandrajyothy by its detractors, skipped the statement of Pawan Kalyan about his annayya. Resultantly, every word of Pawan Kalyan has been covered except the topic of Megastar Chiranjeevi which raised the eye brows of the observers. It was thought the newspaper hadn't wished Chiranjeevi to get unnecessary mileage with the news.

It's being envisaged that the media's head would act as one of the key persons for Janasena and TDP's alliance in forthcoming general elections. As the Power Star opposing his big brother politically and so is the case with the pro TDP media house. It remains to be seen how well the strategies of pro TDP media would workout in the future political scenario.

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