No Akhil Effect On Samanta!

CineJosh : No Akhil Effect On Samanta!

2017-02-27 09:41:00 +0000

Akhil and Shriya Bhupal's luxuriously held engagement ushered a joy atmosphere in Akkineni family. In fact parents Nagarjuna and Amala were so happy to see both their sons finding their respective life partners and wedding dates were alsk locked tentatively.

At the penultimate hour, Akhil threw a bomb by calling off the wedding with Shriya which seems to have upset both the families. Though it may not be right to comment on why Akhil and Shriya decided to get seperated, optimistically lets wish for a quick patchup. But the next question from many is, how far Akhil's call off will affect Samanta's wedding with Naga Chaitanya?

As of now, Nag hasn't got any plans to postpone Chay's marriage because Chay and Sam are matured with age and profession. They can understand the importance of getting together in a marital bliss but definitely not at a time wheb family is struck in painful situation. We are also hearing some good news that Sam got more close to Nag, Amala in these tough times by consoling them and is also trying to find an amicable solution if Akhil, Shriya have any remote thoughts of closing their opinion differences. Anyways, Samanta and Chay are very much with Nag, Amala.

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