No One Can Beat Manchu Family!

There is no secret in why audience and film circles call Manchu family artists which means Mohan Babu’s sons Vishnu Manchu, Manoj Manchu and daughter Lakshmi Manchu as dissimilar in industry. Yes, they never step back or shake with flops and disasters despite knowing that father Mohan Babu is a venerated brand and they aren’t matching his standards.

Recently, in no time gap three of them delivered three high quality failure movies proving each of them as nothing less than other. Staring from Vishnu Manchu’s ‘Luckunnodu’ to yesterday’s Lakshmi Manchu’s ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ via Manoj Manchu’s ‘Gunturodu,’ the streak of duds are no shocker to industry people.

Except a couple of comedy hits (thanks to directors) Vishnu hasn’t touched any peaks in career so far. Manoj’s uprightness at work is known yet movie lovers lost trust on him long ago. None knows why Lakshmi Manchu is still so passionate at doing movies like ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ capable of blowing theaters into pieces. That’s the record from Manchu family no one can break.

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