No Vellipomake, Bcoz Shes Gone!

One doesn’t know what an ill fated coincidence the title ‘Vellipomake’ is for producer Dil Raju. Yes, his heart is wrenching in tears with the demise of wife Anitha Reddy but she can’t comeback anymore despite Dil Raju is crying out loudly…‘Vellipomake’ recollecting the past memories spent with his better half.

A husband’s life is surely incomplete without his wife staying besides. Dil Raju lost a crucial supporting pillar of life and any sort of consoling cannot fill her place which fell vacant. Not just Dil Raju, the entire camp of SVC office is reeling in grief. 

Accordingly, we had reports that Dil Raju’s this week planned release ‘Vellipomake’ is pushed further. Actually, the small film from enthusiastic team was scheduled early for March 10th but due to heavy competition it is moved to 17th and now with Anitha garu’s unfortunate demise, ‘Vellipomake’ release is in deep dilemma. Till the time Dil Raju springs back in action recovering from the loss, Ali Mohammad has to cross the fingers.

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