Pawans Tweet on Kuchibhotlas Death

Telugu Engineer Kuchibhotla Srinivas' death in the US was a heart-piercing moment for every Indian. It is a known news that Srinivas was shot dead due to racially motivated situations. His last rites were performed today and many celebs and his relatives paid respects to him.

The Janasena chief and Power Star Pawan Kalyan reacted on Kuchibhotla's murder. "The world is nothing but a global village today. Professionals from all over the world are sourced to meet the need of ever growing business and enterprise. The United states of America is the finest example of a nation which has been thriving from the collective talent of people from all over the world.

Just as it is the responsibilities of the governments all over the world, including India, to ensure the safety and well being of all its residents it is also the responsibility of corporate companies to provide protection and safety to its employees.

It is unfortunate that Srinivas Kuchibotla had to become a victim of hate. My deep condolences to his family. I urge the Indian Government, to ensure safety to all those who come to India from all-over the world and to also raise our concerns for the people of Indian origin in the United States of America, and hope for peace and harmony for all," Pawan Kalyan tweeted.

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