Prabhas Can Earn More Than Mahesh!

Mahesh Babu is undoubtedly the richest star in Telugu cinema with a lavish earning from film based assignments. Not just movies, he is also the brand ambassador for big bunch of corporate  products selling his image. 

Anyways if we talk about only films and remuneration by heroes, the near future prospects are high for Prabhas to bulldoze Mahesh Babu’s highest pay records. 

No big surprises, ‘Bahubali’ is the film which took Prabhas charisma across the globe and there are reports from National media on some of the International production houses are choicing on Prabhas so as to grab the big market in Asia.

What matters the most here is, will Prabhas shift to Bollywood and Hollywood if offers pour at his door step? If money alone matters, this won’t be a big question because the ‘Darling’ star has got many new avenues opened post ‘Bahubali’ became a brand.

Given the immediate next assignment taken up by Prabhas for UV Creations in Sujeet direction, there won’t be much of time left to think about new projects. Rather than running behind currency notes, Prabhas looks to have decided to spend his time only for Tollywood in between his family members, Fans and well wishers. Isn't this a costly sacrifice?

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