Puri Jagan Mega Package For NBK101

Puri Jagannath is known for package agreements with producers. May it be ‘Loafer’ with C Kalyan or ‘Ism’ with DVV Danayya and latest ‘Rogue’ with C Manohar; the maverick director strikes mindboggling package deals with respective producers which scale sometimes in the range of Rs.10 Crores and above.

What’s more interesting we heard from film circles is, Puri Jagan signed Rs.14 Crores package pact with producer Ananda Prasad of Bhavya Creations for directing Nandamuri Balakrishna’s prestigious 101st film to be launched today in Hyderabad. The agreement includes provision of a part of technical crew along with story, screenplay and direction (excludes artists remunerations and production costs). 

Despite Puri is not in brightest career phase, his remuneration demands aren’t stopping producers from working with him. Off late, almost all the films directed by Puri are declared as over budgeted and commercially non-viable. Amidst such chaos, Bhavya Creations-Puri Jagan Mega contract valued at Rs. 14 Crores is sending shock waves down in industry circles.

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