Rajamouli: No Feelings with Baahubali 2

Movie making is a team effort. When a group of cast and crew works with dedication for a film and completes it successfully, they obviously develop a wonderful rapport among themselves. Eventually, they get emotional on the pumpkin day of the film's shoot. 

When numero uno director SS Rajamouli was quizzed what sort of emotions had his film's team faced on the last day of 'Baahubali 2's shoot, he gave a strange reply. He disclosed that no such emotions were exhibited by the film's cast and crew.

"In fact, we heaved a sigh of relief after getting the movie wrapped up. As we worked for a long time on the project, all of our emotions got disappeared by the time of its completion. We actually felt we got relieved of the stress we had. I am mulling over going for a vacation after the post production activities of the movie," says Rajamouli.

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