Review on Channels Political Stand

A nine numbered top news Channel has been successful in attracting maximum viewers through its innovative concepts and appointing highly talented technical crew. Sadly, the Channel's pro TDP stand spoiled the fray. Wish that the following review makes them changing their stand.

* Until 2009's general elections, the Channel exhibited neutral stand in politics. Neither had it unnecessarily developed hatred on any political party nor it backed any party. The Channel got its bias confined to a few heroes in cine industry then.

* Ever since the Congress party assumed power again in 2009, the Channel gradually developed bias on the TDP and started developing hatred on the Congress party. And the Channel's abhorrence reached to the zenith when the Congress high command decided to bifurcate AP state. From then on, the Channel took an initiative in launching Samaikyandhra Movement in AP. It supported then CM Kiran Kumar Reddy more than like anything. Finally, it was understood that the movement encouraged and promoted by the Channel was to get TDP winning the battle in subsequent general elections.

* Having gone through the Channel's stand for the past two years, it's learnt that the Channel emerged as the voice of TDP in the AP state. Way back, the Channel would fight against the bad practices of private travels. Hero Sivaji, who earlier protested against these travel companies through this Channel, also disappeared from the scene. 

* Since reservation movement is taken up by some caste based leaders, the Channel stopped telecasting about such news. Every late night after 11:30, TDP leaders live telecast programs are frequently being broadcasted by the Channel

* The news of the opposition party leaders is frequently being twisted by the Channel.

* The Channel's prime objective at the moment is to boost Nara Lokesh as the true heir of Chandrababu Naidu. In accordance, Lokesh is flattered to the core. Meanwhile, fans wish that the Channel should give up political and caste bias and should emerge as the morale booster for every media house.

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