Star Director Dejected With Telugu Stars!

Are Telugu star heroes so much busy to keep even star directors waiting? If reports are anything to go by, Tamil director Lingu Samy is perturbed with the way top Telugu heroes Mahesh Babu, Junior NTR and Allu Arjun kept him in a quandary despite his enthusiasm to work with them is exhibited by locking a bound script.

Long back, Lingu approached Mahesh Babu for a bi-lingual and an announcement on the same was expected. Things did not go well and the project was consequently reported to have reached Geetha Arts office obviously for Allu Arjun. For months together, Lingu made rounds to GA office and industry buzzed as an upset Lingu even kept Jr NTR as other option.

Everything happened for the good and a bi-lingual with Allu Arjun was officially announced in Chennai in the presence of Bunny, Allu Sirish, Lingu Swamy and other guests. What went wrong from then on is still unknown but we are hearing strange gossips that Bunny-Lingu project is now dropped. Where will ‘Paiyaa’ director go now? Has Tollywood ruffled him on the wrong side? Looks like Studio Green's financial doldrums is delaying the project further.

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