Venkatesh Guru Trailer Review

Victory Venkatesh's upcoming film 'Guru's theatrical trailer was unveiled by the production team today. Venkatesh appeared as a strict and hard boxing coach, who troubles his protege Ritika Singh to the core. He selects a fisher woman to train her up for a cause.

But the tough coach doesn't leave her staying idle. His hard hitting blows and humiliating words upon her make us developing sympathy on her. "Voora kukkani simhasanam meedha koorchobettinaa, daani drushtanthaa eppudoo penta meedhey vuntundhi," a dialogue vocalized by Venkatesh with a sheer frustration. 

But who knows? He might have other intentions in doing so? Of course, the story wasn't revealed by the director in the trailer. Contrary to the troubles faced from her coach, she, herself, proposes him saying 'I love you'. But then, what factors prompted her saying so? Team 'Guru' will reveal answer in the movie only.

Click here for theatrical trailer of 'Guru':

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