Who Is Taking Revenge On Suchitra?

In a surprising round of events, RJ and singer Suchitra went live on a popular news channel expressing a deep shock on whatever happened with her Twitter account in last one week or so. From leaking of several high profile celebrities personal pictures to private bedroom videos, Suchitra’s account invited millions of hits for all the filthy and controversial content.

‘I am an active girl on social networking platforms Twitter and Facebook. I expressed my support for Jallikattu during the times when students protested. Almost at this same time, my Facebook account was hacked. In an immediate reaction, I deactivated my Facebook profile temporarily. When I was trying to get back at my normal work, three weeks back even my Twitter account was also compromised. When I detected this uncertain activity, I sent an E-mail to the Twitter team in India to deactivate my page,’ Suchitra said.

Actually, she was under an impression that her Twitter page is taken down but only when a person named Aditi Ravindranath called her from Dhanush’s office regarding the images and videos to be deleted from the account, Suchitra realized that something happened without her consent.

‘As these tweets indulged in character assassination of celebrities, I filed a complaint with cyber crime department. If someone wants to verify, they can find my deactivation requests to Twitter and complaints in cyber cell too. I know I am going through a divorce ending my 10 years married life and it’s tough. These ruthless hackers and their agenda boggled my mind completely. 

I am made to stand as a victim in whole fiasco. I am unsure on who is taking revenge on me. They misused my Twitter. I am clueless on what has happened and what is happening,’ Suchitra expressed her innocence.

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