Why 1 Crore For These Heroes?

All that glitters is not gold in film industry. Single hit and everyone went on calling Vijay Devarakonda as new generation star hero. But tragedy is it did not take even one more movie to contradict. Yes, all the computational forecasts made on Vijay’s market strength and acting abilities based on ‘Pellichoopulu’ statistics are thrashed into pieces with ‘Dwaraka.’

Yes, ‘Dwaraka’ is clearly informed to be the most struggling film among the last week’s three new releases in domestic Telangana and Andhra Pradesh film trade. It’s disgraceful to hear that Krishna district distributor is struggling to recover the (Qube) print costs, leave aside alien words like theater rents and breakeven. Situation is said to be more or less the same in every area.

‘A hero’s remuneration is decided based on his individual capacity to recover the investment or pull a film on his shoulder irrespective of on screen output. ‘Pellichoopulu’ is a collective effort from making, marketing to post release publicity strategies worked out under Suresh Babu’s supervision.

Vijay Devarakonda demanding Rs. 1 Crore emolument per each film with this sort of weak opening capabilities will only serve a death blow to producers and buyers. Not Vijay alone, other young heroes like Manoj Manchu (who took 1.3 Crores for ‘Gunturodu’), Vishnu (2 Crores) and Raj Tharun should come down to earth because gone are the days audience were excited to watch movies on day one. Only a positive or say minimal better talk on day 1 will help them else it’s a pack up from Monday,’ an anonymous exhibitor from Andhra Pradesh expressed his anger. A reality check is of course needed. What say guys? 

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