1971 - Bharatha Sarihaddu Teaser Review

In one line if ‘1971 Bharatha Sarihaddu’ teaser has to be reviewed from Allu Sirish perspective, he is a smiling soldier guarding the Indo-Pakistan border and is ever-ready to sacrifice his life. There begins the war wherein Pakistan armed forces headed by artist Arunoday Singh head towards India while Indian military under Major Mahadevan retaliates. 

Except war scenario presented and fiercely intense Mohan Lal looks, there’s nothing much offered in this 40 seconds teaser. Mortar shells, rifles, grenade machine guns and the chasing army soldiers from both sides, what happened in 1971 at India-Pakistan border is the crux which we have to wait till the time next trailer hits Youtube or movie releases in theaters.

Directed by Major Ravi, the film is set for April 7th gracing into theaters in Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi languages.

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