SPB Do Not Want Ilayaraja Inconvenient!

More than in India, it’s in United States every Indian cinema music lover was said to be discussing on Ilayaraja’s legal notices served to his good friend Sp Balasubramaniyam restricting him from singing his songs at SPB50 concerts.

While there are different versions heard on this story, SPB himself requested each and everyone to stop debating on the topic which could cause inconvenience to Musical Maestro.

‘Dear friends, please let us stop the futile discussion and move ahead. I do not want my good friend Shri Raja inconvenienced. I do not want my sponsors and concert organizers to get hurt sentimentally and financially. I request all friends, music lovers and especially all media persons, not to make the issue sensational. It is unfortunate. That is all. Show has to go on, life has to move on. In God's creation all are good and equal. Thank you,’ SPB left a note on social networking.

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