Brands like Coca Cola, Patanjali and others embrace regional languages on social media

A report by social media research agency Mindshift Interactive reveals that a wide variety of brands are trying to engage social media users in regional languages as organic engagement is relatively higher for local content.

Brands like Coca Cola and Patanjali have been particularly active in marketing through regional languages on social media.

According to the report, local language users will increase to 42% by December 2016, amounting to 180 million of the 328 million active internet users. While Facebook is the preferred platform for brands to engage through regional content, others are fast catching up.

"This is our second report and the first was compiled in 2014. At that time, regional marketing was evolving. Brands were considering regional language adoption. Now, a lot of brands have started engaging through regional languages. At that time, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest were the primary platforms but now there are others and the existing ones have introduced more languages. Around 60% users are communicating in regional languages and 41% of the Indian population is Hindi speaking followed by Bengali and Telugu," said Zafar Rais, CEO MindShift Interactive.

The report titled Regional Marketing in The Digital Age Part II reveals that almost 60% of the users in urban India access online content in Hindi, followed by Tamil and Marathi. Facebook accounts for the highest usage of regional language adoption among other social networks.

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