I got 15-20 calls to intervene: Minister Kharge

Karnataka IT minister Priyank Kharge on Wednesday tweeted: “Spoke to Dr Manikandan (IT minister of Tamil Nadu) for his intervention in @stayzilla case. I'm sure he will help if @YogiVasupal is on right side of law.“

Kharge told TOI he initiated the conversation after he got calls from many in Bengaluru's startup ecosystem.

You spoke to your counterpart in TN on Stayzilla founder Yogendra Vasupal's arrest. What did you hear from him?

I got 15-20 calls from the champions of the Bengaluru startup ecosystem on this issue and asked my counterpart in Tamil Nadu if it is a case of non-payment. I spoke to him and the chief secretary to treat it on the basis of merit and look into what had happened. I said he should get a fair hearing, but was very clear that it should be treated on legal merits.

Jigsaw Advertising has made charges of fraud against Vasupal...

If it's a civil case, the startup ecosystem is questioning if due procedures have been followed. They are concerned about how startups can function in such an environment. It's a valid question. If you look at the ecosystem, some startups are flush with funds and some of them have bizarre valuations. But in a scenario like this, the champions of the startup ecosystem are asking the government as to what is the way forward?

What's shaken the ecosystem is the manner in which the police sought to address the issue.

It's unnerving for anyone. I want the authorities to look into the legal merits of the case.

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