Mphasis-ToneTag partnership to add 'sound waves' to mobile payments

IT services company Mphasis today announced a partnership with sound-based proximity communications provider ToneTag, with the two collaborating for digital banking solutions.

As part of the agreement, Mphasis will collaborate to build solutions and serve be an integration partner for ToneTag's sound-based technology globally. Among the many solutions provided via the partnership will be contactless proximity communication, location based services and customer engagement services.

Through the partnership, ToneTag and Mphasis aim to bridge online and offline spheres. The partnership is aimed at enriching the retail experience in the offline establishments of both banking and commerce industries.

With this, Mphasis will be providing omni-channel customer engagement and frictionless checkout solutions to benefit physical outlets, dealerships, bank branches and experience stores.

"ToneTag provides us with the technology to make such an experience available to the broadest possible audience, without the restrictions of proprietary payment technologies," said Georg Lehmann, the company's senior vice president and head - banking & capital markets, retail and logistics client delivery.

Last week, Mphasis announced the appointment of Yesh Subramanian as senior vice president and head of digital. He will be responsible for driving top line growth through strategic and new accounts, building scalable and replicable next generation digital solutions and building Mphasis' digital brand, the company said in a release.

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