Nihilent to work with Nigerian Government for technology driven development

Nihilent Technologies will be looking at deepening its ties with the Government of Nigeria for e-governance and related projects.

The Pune based company has been leading the eGovernance effort in Nigeria since 2014 by associating with the country's IT development agency (NITDA) to evaluate and recognize the eGovernance initiatives there.

More recently, the Permanent Secretary of the federal Ministry of Communications of Govt. of Nigeria, Arc. Sonny Echono visited the Nihilent headquarters in Pune where they agreed to collaborate on future eGovernance initiatives.

Echono said, "It was a wonderful opportunity to further develop the existing partnership between Nihilent and the Government of Nigeria.

This is In line with our plan to leverage ICT to improve efficiency, fight corruption, increase Government revenues, and create jobs for youth. A lot of similarities exist between Nigeria and India, which should make it easier to adopt and replicate the work done here in India. The role of Nihilent in this endeavour is most valuable."

The NITDA-Nihilent eGovernance Awards have achieved the distinction of being a recognised program with a rigorous evaluation procedure and employing a scientific framework. LC Singh, CEO, Nihilent said, "We are committed to helping Nigeria become a digitally transformed economy, and eGovernance will continue to be a key focus area for us in the country".

He proposed a set of strategic initiatives around certain key areas which they are prepared to help the Nigerian government with, including youth development and employability, change management and enhancing technology capability in Nigeria.

The company recently received SEBI clearance for its proposed Rs 350 crore public offering.

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