Persistent Systems may get 100M users for Hoopz through partnerships with mobile companies

Nearly two years after Persistent Systems acquired web discovery startup Hoopz, the company is in talks with handset makers and mobile application developers to expand the startup's platform overseas.

The company is forming partnerships to deploy the platform, Hoopz founder Akash Sureka, who is now head-mobility at Persistent Systems told ET. "We can get about a 100 million users for the platform through these partnerships," he said.

Hoopz is a platform that can bring in artificial intelligence software on a device and can be used for web, content, commerce and application discovery solutions.

Sureka said that the company is in talks with app developers globally to launch some of their products towards the end of this quarter.

Mobility is at the hub of controlling everything, Sureka said. "As Persistent shifts its focus more to platforms over solutions, the focus is shifting to platform driven services as well as different verticals," he said.

While the company will initially focus on media, messaging and social companies, Hoopz can also be used by companies in financial services, healthcare and telecom businesses to create enterprise solutions through its enterprise app store.

The initial focus will be on the Asia-Pacific region, which is likely to be the hub of the next wave of smartphone growth. The company is in talks with original equipment manufacturers or OEMs in this region.

It has already signed a deal with one Indian and one overseas firm. Without divulging the names of these firms, Sureka said, "We are seeing enterprises open up to mobility and driving thought leadership. We are partnering with solutions providers like Microsoft and building capabilities in areas like security, solutions and BYOD (bring your own device)."

Hoopz plans to attempt to create an ecosystem for monetising apps, for which opportunities are limited at present and more viable models are required.

It has a monetisation turnkey platform which will helps OEMs and operators drive new consumer experiences which they can monetise. For instance, it will enable deals, discovery and communication so that a retailer can use beacons and engage with customers. This can have applications in messaging, gaming and other business-to-consumer industries such as healthcare.

Persistent Systems recently announced an organisational restructuring and new partnership with IBM but Sureka said that it is too early to talk about the impact this will have on Hoopz. "We will keep on looking to leverage such customers or partners of Persistent for cross-sell of Persistent IPs," he said.

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