US Box-office: Dull Weekend

Collections at North American Box-office are continuing to be dull from the last three weeks. After the release of "Ghazi", no film attained decent openings.

"Nagaram", "Chitrangada" and now last weekend's new releases flopped miserably.

By end of fifth weekend, Rana's "Ghazi" grossed about 758k. The movie may end its total run with 800k, bringing good profits to the distributors.

All in all it is a dull weekend at the box office as previous week"s releases also aren"t pulling much.

USA Box Office

Nagaram - 8,451 5.63 lacs
The Ghazi Attack - 7,58,961 5.06 crores
Kittu Unnadu Jagratha - 65,988 43.93 lacs
Dwaraka - 56,292 37.47 lacs
Chitrangada - 568 Rs 37,803

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