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2016-11-25 23:02:00 +0000

Shivakarthikeyan, the fastest rising star of Kollywood has set his foot in Tollywood with Remo, a dubbed version of his super hit Tamil flick with the same name. The actor donned the lady getup as Remo which was the USP of the original. Does Remo have enough in it to grab the attention of Telugu audience?

What is it about?

SK (Siva) is a wannabe actor who falls in love with a doctor Kavya (Keerthy). However, his heart is broken when he comes to know that she has been engaged to someone. SK goes to an audition to impress director KS Ravikumar dressed up as a lady nurse. On his way home SK meets Kavya on the bus. She offers him (her) a job in her hospital. SK continues to be in disguise as nurse Remo to get closer to Kavya. Later he meets her and proposes to her in filmy style. After initial reluctance, Kavya falls to him. But how does she react when she finds Remo's true identity?


Sivakarthikeyan is good in the lead role. His makeup, body language and antics are perfect in the lady getup. He reminds us of Vikram in Inkokkadu in the lady getup. Keerthy Suresh is cute and her chemistry with Sivakarthikeyan is impressive. Saranya is funny as the hero's mother. Rest of the star cast is not so familiar to us.


Director Bakkiyaraj Kannan played it to the galleries by writing a formulaic screenplay to a wafer thin plot. He made sure to have humorous moments throughout the film to keep the viewers entertained. The story turns too predictable in the second half after a delightful first half.

PC Sriram's visuals and lighting are pretty good. The close-up shots bear his signature all over them. Anirudh's music is another asset. His background score has elevated the film to another level. Editing is crisp. Technically the film is very strong and has rich production values.

Thumbs Up:

Sivakarthikeyan's lady getup

Keerthy Suresh

Music and Cinematography

Thumbs Down:

Routine Script

Predictable Second half


The plot of Remo has been done to death in Telugu films. Hero running after an already engaged heroine and winning her against all odds is a plot that has nothing new to offer. Director Kannan's screenplay isn't interesting either. What makes it an entertaining watch is Sivakarthikeyan's delightful performance as Remo and the superb chemistry that the lead pair shares.

There are numerous references to Sivakarthikeyan's previous films in Remo, which obviously wouldn't appeal to our audience. It will take a while to get used to Sivakarthikeyan as he doesn't have striking looks nor is a great actor. Comedy worked in bits and pieces. Sub plots like mother and son relation and the ailing kid in the nursing home added extra flavor to this dated romance.

First half is breezy with a fine setup for the romance, but the second half turns out to be boring with predictable sequences. There should have been a strong reason for Kavya to fall for SK instead of showing the groom as the villain. The scene where Remo reveals his identity to Kavya has come out well with sound logic behind it.

On the whole, Remo is a popcorn entertainer that can be watched at your leisure. Routine plot and screenplay may not excite you, but there will be no shortage of entertainment for sure.

Verdict: Passable Remo-nce.

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