5 Forecasts About the Future of Apps and SEO

This guest column is by Mansi Rana, Managing Director and Story Teller, EZ Rankings

If we say we are currently living in a world where apps rule our life, then it may not be an overstatement. Anything you pick from your daily life and you can find an app for the same. It can be shopping, gym, taking medicines, chatting with friends, teaching your son, watching movies or cooking something for dinner – everywhere is apps. That is the reason businesses are feeling more and more interested in making apps their future for a long and steady growth in the market. The impact is so deep that according to many digital marketing experts soon the search market will also go under the control of apps and SEO strategies will be planned according to the apps instead of the websites.

From the perspective of search visibility, the apps will develop more shortly and capture the world of internet marketing too. Let’s see some predictions about the future growth of apps on the ground of SEO. Let’s see how the search engine can give priorities to various apps as per their popularity while the users are searching for a similar service.

These development ensure that the importance of apps become more in the field of digital marketing and SEO. People will start relying on them more than anything else.

This augmentation of apps can easily cause the decline of the traditional websites. People love to deal with the app and interact with them instead of visiting the website. They can use the app on their mobile devices as per their convenience.

When the users tend to utilize the apps more in their life, the developers will try to make them more interactive so that the users can have a smooth app experience.

The growing demand and popularity of apps make the business bound to develop apps for their clients. It may become one of the criteria of staying ahead in the competition.

The growing popularity of these apps makes people more and more dependent on digital assistance instead of relying only on the traditional search engines.

In future it is possible that we can see a new kind of hybrid between the apps and the traditional websites that will have the best features of both these systems.

The experts are waiting for a lot to be happened in the app world in near future that can change the form of search and digital marketing.

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