#Marketwire: Snapdeal Unveils Ad Platform; Pebble Unveils New Wearables & More

New wearable technology gadgets unveiled by Pebble

#MarketWire is your daily roundup of notable business movements in the technology industry. This segment features news from Snapdeal & Xiaomi

Snapdeal has unveiled a version of its advertising platform, Snapdeal Ads. Entirely developed in-house, the ads platform will assist sellers to improve their brand visibility, help measure results instantly and drive online business, with the help of advanced advertising tools.

Snapdeal Ads enables sellers to target customers, based on their browsing behaviour, geo-location and purchase history. Along with driving product discovery and revenue, Snapdeal sellers will now be able to curate ad campaigns for specific customer groups through targeted advertising. Sellers can even participate in auction based buying of ads inventory, view detailed reports and simultaneously promote products through a range of different ad campaigns. Read More

Pebble, the company popularly known for making budget smartwatches has yet again launched a Kickstarter campaign, this time to gain funds for Pebble 2, Time 2 and Pebble Core.

Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 are smartwatches that have activity tracking features like heart rate monitoring, step tracking and sleep log. Pebble Core is a small connected wearable that can perform functions like GPS tracking and music streaming. The Kickstarter goal was set at $1,000,000 and had already crossed $3,267,957 at the time of writing this article, with 36 days still remaining. Read More

Xiaomi on Monday released a short video clip of their first drone ever on their video portal Youku. The drone is a quadcopter and appears to have an underslung spherical camera. In the past, Xiaomi has been dropping hints towards launching its own drone, suggesting that it may be controlled via app and will record 4,000 videos at 30 fps.

Previously, Xiaomi had put up a picture of a wooden-copter, a toy famous among kids, further building the suspicion. The news about Xiaomi working on drones supposedly gained momentum when it patented a technology that is used to control drones with Mi Bands and gestures.

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