Chowka (Kannada)

TOI : Chowka (Kannada)

2017-02-03 00:00:00 +0000

Four individuals, each with their own dreams and aspirations, land up in jail. They meet a school teacher who not just shows them hope but also stirs up a passion towards reform. What ensues is an entertaining thriller.

Dwarakish Chitra's 50th film, Tharun Sudhir's debut as a director and a star cast that will have most directors give more than just an arm to own -- there were expectations galore from Chowka. And this film proves to be worth all that hype. The film, albeit being three hours long, manages to keep one engaged throughout the narrative and also provides old-fashioned entertainment with a positive message to the youth in the end. In a way, the team has given Sandalwood its own Rang De Basanti.

One of the film's biggest strengths is the screenplay. A story that uses a hyperlink to connect multiple narratives can get tricky to handle. But Tharun proves to be a good storyteller and he has a good team in both his technicians and cast. The fact that the producers haven't cut back on the film's making adds to its charm and appeal.

Revealing anything more than the already known plot line would take away the thrill of watching the film. There are different scenes, some even inconsequential, but all collectively adding to this story. The story could have fallen prey to some of the trappings of commercial cinema that makers choose to woo audience, but the story remains free from these tropes majorly and keeps the viewer engaged till the end.

The casting for the film is spot on. In fact, for actors like Prajwal Devaraj and Prem this film adds as a good platform to show different sides to their acting abilities. Chikkanna and Kashinath have newer avatars that works well with the script and one is seen rooting for them. Darshan's cameo also draws the necessary cheers and applause. For choosing a cast that has so many powerhouse performers, Tharun doesn't cut corners of characters and play favourites. In fact, each character, big or small, contributes to the overall narrative.

For a film that is three hours long, one does not get tired with narrative's pace and stays with the story till the end. Watch this film if you like multi-starrers that provide commercial entertainment, while not bowing down to being just mindless fun.

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