Eradane Sala (Kannada)

TOI : Eradane Sala (Kannada)

2017-03-03 00:00:00 +0000

When a mother has taken an oath from her son that he won't fall in love or look 'differently' at their new female house guest, forbidden fruit seems sweeter. What follows is a drama filled with laughs, little lust and many emotions.

Director Guruprasad has a reputation for making films that are a little hatke. Eradane Sala is no different. There film deals with a subject that has been tried by many filmmakers, but the maverick filmmaker gives it his own quirky spin. This works in most parts, but one feels somewhere that the narrative could have been tackled with a better pace, especially with the shaky the start the film takes.

One has seen many Kannada films deal with this topic, with the most memorable one being Thutha Mutha. But, Guruprasad's irreverent and unapologetic take on this topic is refreshing and can connect well with Gen Now. The other interesting bit about the film is how it has its own way of paying a tribute to many cinematic greats, as well as uses memorable film moments and adapts it into a clever way in the story.

The film has three protagonists — Dhananjaya, Sangeetha Bhat and Lakshmi — and the trio rise up to the occasion and entertain. The other important pillar in the film is the OST; the music stays on long after the film is done in one's mind. Guruprasad definitely has made an interesting youthful tale, where he tries to drive home a point too. One only hopes that certain aspects of the film were up the mark too. At times, the cinematography seems too jaded and shaky, while the editing could have been a tad better too.

But, if one decides to overlook these aspects, Eradane Sala has many fun moments and could be an outing worth one's time if you aren't looking for politically correct fun.

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