Jilebi (Kannada)

TOI : Jilebi (Kannada)

2017-03-03 00:00:00 +0000

Three friends want to have one last night of adult fun before they go away to Dubai on work. Just when they think they have found the perfect woman for that in Jilebi, there is a shock in store for them. With just a few hours left for them to head to Dubai, will they manage to sort out the mess?

Director Shankar's Jilebi from its promos looked like a raunchy comedy with a hint of a thriller. While the film delivers just that, it misses the mark in a few places, especially in terms of the storyline and a few unnecessary characterizations. The film has many cliched characters when it comes to the comic ensemble and most of them seem to be caricatures that aren't really palatable.

The film begins with a steamy sequence inside a sex worker's house with her in the shower. Though, one is immediately shown another track of three friends who are now set to head to Dubai and how they want to have one last night of adult fun. In search of that woman to accompany them in this endeavor of their's, they go upon some misadventures before they meet the titular character Jilebi. But what was expected to be a steamy night ends up being a nightmare.

While Jilebi has good casting, the characters that these actors play goes amiss somewhere. Also, in an attempt to play to the gallery, one ends up seeing too much of cheesy, corny and sometimes unappetizing humour that seem strung together loosely with a story. This film is ideally meant only for those who look for some titillation on screen.

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