Kal Kg Preethi (Kannada)

TOI : Kal Kg Preethi (Kannada)

2017-03-03 00:00:00 +0000

Guru discreetly loves his collegemate Sri. But he always falters in telling her so. A chance brings him a situation where he has to drive her all the way to her hometown after they're done with college. Will this be his chance for a happily ever after?

There was something interesting about the trailer of Kal Kg Preethi. The film had a Simpalag Onde Love Story kind of vibe from it. And true to that, the film is young, fun and colourful in its content when you watch it. There are two protagonists who carry the film on their shoulder. And this fresh, young pair delivers what is expected of them.

The film begins directly from the point when the hero is silently in love with (stalking) her. Soon we see the hero's many failed attempts to tell her that he loves her until fate gets him a chance to drive her on a roadtrip towards her hometown. This journey proves to be more than enough to see the two of them understand their personalities. The filmmaker has used this symbolic journey as a way to show youngsters of today, who believe in the instant 2-min love concept, how it takes more than that to be in a relationship.

The film has many fun moments that keep you laughing and the lead pair of Vihaan Gowda and Hitha Chandrashekhar have a very affable chemistry that makes you want to sit through their journey. While the narrative does go a bit slow at times and could have been shorter, the film eventually manages to be the cute romcom that it was meant to be. Watch this once with your loved one, you might just rediscover parts of your own romantic journey.

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