Kittu Unnadu Jagratha (Telugu)

TOI : Kittu Unnadu Jagratha (Telugu)

2017-03-03 00:00:00 +0000

Story : The story is about Kittu, who kidnaps pet dogs to pay off his loan. Once, his paths cross with that of a don and his life takes a new turn.

Review : Playing the role of a street-side thug comes naturally to Raj Tarun and he has proved it beyond doubt in numerous movies of his career. As his latest film Kittu unnadu jagratha hits the screens, it is evident that he has no plans, at least for the time being, to try something new or move out of his comfort zone.

A comedy film with quite a quirky title, Kittu Unnadu Jagratha is about a youngster named Kittu, who steals pet dogs from well-off people so that he can pay off a loan. Once, he kidnaps the pet pup of Janaki ( Anu Emmanuel) and little did he know that a don, played by Arbaaz Khan, had his own plans surrounding the girl and the dog. What ensues is a comedy of errors and that forms the rest of the story.

The film does offer a few moments of quality comedy, all thanks to the character of Snigdha, who plays the role of Janaki’s friend. For instance, a scene in which she tries to foil the plans of Kittu, who is constantly trying to impress Janaki and win her heart. Her comic timing and witty punchlines offer the film some of its best sequences. The grand intro scene of Arbaaz’s character, involving some heavy dialogues, blood and gore also leaves a mark in the audience minds. However, anything good about the movie ends there.

To start off, it makes the viewers yawn when they realize that yet again, the film’s hero is all set to give a predictable show. Be it during the pursuit of his lady love, how he rescues her when kidnapped, his street smartness that we have seen in all of the previous movies… there’s nothing new that Raj Tarun has to offer in KUJ. Meanwhile, his leading lady Anu Emmanuel brings in her own share of mediocre performance. The soulless acting by the artiste makes the romantic sequences look fake and tasteless. The pre-interval twist in the plot woke the audience up from slumber and kept them engaged for the first 20 minutes post interval. Post that, the plot again fell flat with predictable jokes and storyline. The second half comes to life when Hamsa Nandini sizzles the screen with her ‘Naa Peru Singapore Sirimalli,’ but the impact doesn’t last long.

For the fans of Raj Tarun, the film might offer a few moments of weekend fun but the rest of the audience wouldn’t lose much if they give this a miss.

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