Majaz: Ae Gham-e-Dil Kya Karun (Hindi)

Story: The film is the real life story of famous Urdu Poet, Majaz — his rise to fame, his star-crossed love life and his downfall that led to an early, lonely death.

Review: Biopics on poets in India are few and far between, because of which we tend to forget that poets were the rock stars of our recent past. Majaz: Ae Gham-e-Dil Kya Karun is one such film based on the life of Indian romantic poet, Asrar ul Haq Majaz also known as Majaz Lakhnawi (played by Priyanshu Chaterjee). A young, revolutionary poet of the 30s, Majaz is a rebel and a romantic who starts out as a proverbial ‘good guy’ compared to his peers and achieves fame early in life. However, the company he keeps slowly transforms him into an alcoholic. He falls for a girl who is married to his friend, and that drives him deeper into alcoholism. His family life breaks down we see a genius throw his life away as the world around him crumbles.

Given that this is a period film, the makers have tried their best to recreate the 30s; however, the modest production values don’t really help achieve that. The real takeaway in the film is the music composed by Talat Aziz, based on the work of the late poet. The research employed, too, is top-notch, where the makers have tried to explain Majaz’s life. The heavy-duty Urdu used in the film may appeal to purists, but the masses will need an upgrade in their vocabulary to get the gist of the scenes. Also, given its two-hour plus runtime, you may find it tough to keep track. Priyanshu Chatterjee does a decent job, although he is less convincing as a college student than he is later on, as a full-blown alcoholic. The rest of the cast though, including Rashmi Mishra as the unrequited love of his life, seem to struggle with their lines. The film may solely appeal to Urdu poetry buffs. The rest can give this a miss.

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