Mana Manthana (Kannada)

TOI : Mana Manthana (Kannada)

2017-02-17 00:00:00 +0000

Suicide is no solution to a problem. Keeping this as a tag, director Suresh Heblikar has woven an excellent heart-warming story of a boy who goes into depression after failing to fulfill his dreams. This is a narrative drawn from real life incidents.

Suresh, who is directing after a long gap, has directed nothing less than a masterpiece. The story highlights how parents should treat their children, the tendency among youngsters to commit suicides when they fail to realise their dreams due to pressure from parents who want them to toe their line instead of encouraging their child's dreams. A must watch family movie, where Heblikar shines as director, script writer and also as an actor.

The story opens with Ajay (Kiran Rajput) working as an accountant. But his dream was to do engineering and take up research in mathematics. Though his mother supports him, his father Jagadish (Ramesh Bhat), an areca businessman, forces him to do a course in commerce to equip him to continue the family business. A romantic angle comes in when Ajay meets Madhuri (Arpitha) and falls in love with her. But again, he is disappointed when he comes to know that his father had once had a relationship with Madhuri's mother Lakshmi (Sangeetha). Madhuri moves away from him. Shocked by these incidents, Ajay tried to end his life.

What happens to Ajay, and what is Dr Sushma's (Suman) role in this story? What happens to Ajay's family and the equation others at home share?

Full marks to Kiran and Arpitha for adding life to their characters. Ramesh, as a father, has played the role to the T. Suman, as doctor, is impressive. A special mention goes out to cinematographer P Rajeev for his brilliant work. Music by Praveen D Rao is soothing.

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