Metro (Telugu)

TOI : Metro (Telugu)

2017-03-17 00:00:00 +0000

Metro explores a dark underbelly of gold market and sheer criminal intent

Story: The movie Metro is a story about two brothers Adikesav (Shirish Sarvanan) and Madhusudhan (Satya) of a middle class Hyderabadi family. While Adi is an easy-going honest guy and the breadwinner of the family, Madhu, who is a college student, in an urge to earn some easy money gets involved in petty crimes such as chain snatching.

Review: As Madhu sinks deeper into the world of crime and steps into the world of serious felonies, his actions eventually affects his family and ends up destroying it. The turn of events forces the two brothers to come face to face against each other.

The movie maintains its suspense throughout the narration and it is its strength. Background music given by Johan is an asset to the narration. Newcomer Shirish Sarvanan has done a decent job in his portrayal of Adikesav, while Tulasi, who plays the role of the brothers’ mother, has given a commendable performance in a short screen time.

However, it is Bobby Simha, who portrays the kingpin Guna, steals the show; thanks to an interesting character sketch of the director. The female lead, played by Maya, though insignificant in the plot, adds the much-needed zing to the narration.

The Tamil film, which has been dubbed for a Telegu audience, explores the dark world of gold’s black market and the heinous crimes committed to run the business. As the flick is fully soaked in Tamil flavour, it comes with an element of doubt whether it will strike a chord with the Telegu audience. Moreover, scenes of extreme violence in the first half may prove a little too much to take for family audiences.

Though students getting involved in petty crimes are making headlines of late, the director’s take on the issue citing Madhu’s girlfriend’s materialistic desires as a reason seems too shallow.

Full marks to the first half for maintaining the suspense but it is the pacey second half that drives the movie. For those audience who wish to see crisp narration and a gripping storytelling, Metro won’t disappointing you. The lack of typical Tollywood songs is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats while watching this action-packed thriller.

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